Blurry export


I have been using Pyxel Edit for years now to create sprites and backgrounds for games. I haven't used Pyxel Edit in a while and I thought I'd give it a go again to make some illustrations for a little book I'm working on. I'm having a little issue though that I can't seem to figure out and maybe somebody can help me with:

You see, if I export the image and paste it into word (or look at it with file viewer for that matter) and I size the image up it becomes blurry. I know there is some way to set images to display pixels by nearest neighbour, but I can't find a way to alter the entire image or to place it in a word document and change the size (Just the size not the proportions).

I'm stuck. Why is this happening and what can I do to fix it?




  • YuriCatYuriCat Posts: 4
    Exporting the file by choosing a higher pixel scale seems to work. Sometimes parts are still a bit blurry but that could be me looking at it weirdly.
  • MartithMartith Posts: 2
    I use OpenOffice. Threw an image into a new file to see what would happen and noticed a bit of blurring. However, by default, OpenOffice sets new files to be viewed at a Zoom Level of 95% rather then 100%. When I adjusted the Zoom level, my image was as pixel crisp.
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