Center to tile, Non-contiguous selection, Auto-Outline

RoryRory Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Feature requests
Hi there!

I just downloaded the software yesterday and started working with it. I find the software great, but these are three features I find lacking for my work flow.

1) An easy, one button way to center everything in a tile vertically and horizontally.

2) An option for magic wand tool to make it ignore borders and simply select everything on the image (or tile) of that color.
In photoshop, this is called non-contiguous, so I don't know a better term for it.

3) Imagine being able to draw any form, and click a button which will automatically outline it for you, within the form or outside the form.

Also, you'd be able to combine the effects like this instantly :p


Thanks for hearing me out, and sorry in advance if this is a repeated suggestion. I tried to search but didn't find anything addressing this.
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