Hello 2020!

How is everyone doing! This forum is awfully quiet.. im curious to see what fellow pixel artists have been up to! Feel free to post your art and chat! 


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    Too bad.. but I believe the forum never was really popular? I lurked sometimes but it always looked like the forum wasn't really used frequently.

    IMO to get ppl to come back it would need some improvements to the layout and functionality of the forum & also more frequent Pyxel software updates. I'm not saying that the project is dead - seems like the developer still is around (Hi!) - but the latest update is almost 2 years old it seems. 

    Personally I'd like to see better (native) Linux support because I got some strange behavior sometimes using WINE (e.g after saving, sometimes the program freeze for 10 seconds or saved files completely disappear after saving and I have to save again to get the file), but Adobe Air is discontinued on Linux - so the changes are almost zero for that I guess.

    Funny to see that the OP was last seen on April 8th - after creating this topic :smiley: . Anyway - here is what I'm up to recently:

    I'm working on art for a reinterpretation of the classic Space Taxi (C64), which also got a remake on AMIGA 1994 called Airtaxi. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the whole project - but atm it looks darn good :smile:

    Anyone else?
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    Honestly wasn't expecting anyone to be active, sorry for late commenting! you guys are severely talented, I adore the space taxi! And the animations of the sprites is so smooth. I'm practicing shading for future animations.. but I'm still a 'noob' compared in actual pixel designing skills. 
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    Hey, guys! Glad to see there's still some life left in this forum. Heh, I remember a time when I was actually getting annoyed by how frequent the updates to PyxelEdit were. Imagine this! Anyway, the program's been shaping into something really nice, up until the point when Daniel apparently decided to break the works.

    Yesterday I learned that three apps that I use on and off - Inkscape, MagicaVoxel and Blender - have all got major updates recently, and I immediately went to check on Pyxel as well, fingers crossed. Alas, no luck here.

    Hell, I wouldn't mind paying another ten bucks if it gives Daniel an incentive to continue adding new features.
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    hey guys! I am working in two games that are being port to Sega Megadrive, using intensively PyxelEdit to draw the tileset and the sprite! Cant show any picture yet! Sorry
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    I made this one for a NES-Like game that never saw the light..
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    I just bought the app a few days ago. I must say I love it. Yes, there are a few things that are missing but what you get is enough to do just about any job. I have Photoshop CC and had used it for pixel animation before but it is really clunky and hard to keep track of what was going on. Not really optimized for pixel animation or the creation of sprites, I guess. This is. Can't wait to crank out animations for game projects.
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