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NatanNatan Posts: 3
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Hi, I just bought Pyxel and I love it, easy to use and fun !

I don`t know if is possible now but I would like to request for making/editing multiple animation/sprite with diferent size.

For example:  I have a green player (32x32) walking and I have a lot of guns animation that its larger than 32x32 that can attach to the green player animation. So green player frame 1  also render gun frame1 and so on.    At game code I'll just need to sync both player and the weapon position. 



  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Hi Nathan,
    Due to the way the documents are structured this would be pretty hard and clunky to implement. A workaround would be to have the tile size bigger than 32x32 to fit the different objects, but keep the player within 32x32 (you could have a background layer tile with a 32px square as a guide).
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