Spriters Resource - best workflow?

i just bought Pyxel and im learning Clickteam Fusion right now. For test purposes i downloaded a sheet from spriters resource to check animations. Is there any efficient way to slice their sheets? Because the sprites have not really an evenly grid... Sorry for such a noob question. I'm a beginner in this "business" :)



  • To copy all sprites for an animation:
    Use the Select-Tool to define an area for a single sprite. Move the selection around to the other sprites of the animation to check if it really fits for all other sprites. Sometimes there are pixels for padding added, which you dont need. Use Shift and Alt to adapt your selection-area.

    When you have found the right size of your selection area, copy the first sprite of the animation to the clipboard. Create a new "Tiled document or animation" with the settings for your selection area and the number of sprites. If you don't know the size of the selection, change to "Single image document" and click "Use clipboard size" to display your selection size. Go back to "Tiled document or animation" and adjust settings.

    Paste your sprite in the tiles, and go back to your spriters resource sheet. Move the selection area to the next sprite, copy and repeat.

    Takes about 5 Minutes per animation if you know what you are doing. PE is really nice for this.

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