Moving set of tiles in tilemap

oddenmioddenmi Posts: 1
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First: Great work with the tool - it's been performing great so far. So far I've created an import-utility for Unity3D and use it extensively for development of a couple of 2D games.

There's another post here mentioning features helpful to use Pyxel for level editing ( but more than those I'd rather have the feature to easily move a set of tiles within the tile-map itself.

Let us say I want/need to shift/move a complex shape created from multiple different sprites, or a complete part of the level I'd prefer to select the appropriate tiles within the tilemap and move them rather than having to manually redraw/shift every tile.


  • DanikDanik Posts: 850
    Hi Oddenmi,
    Thanks, I'm glad you found the tool useful so for!

    Yes, being able to select and move multiple tiles would indeed be a great workflow improvement. I hope to implement this soon.
  • jbubriskijbubriski Posts: 1
    I just want to second the above request.  I'm currently developing a 2D platformer using Pyxel Edit as the level editor.  This would be a great feature for moving around sections of the map, duplicating them, etc.
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