Pyxel Edit Online Course: Introduction to character design in pixel art!

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Hi! My name is Daniel Benítez, I'm an art director for videogames. You can find my pixels in games like Crossing Souls or Starr Mazer, in which I used this incredible software: Pyxel Edit.

I've just released a pixel art course with Domestika where I teach how to design a character for a videogame and I think you may find it interesting, especially if you are starting with Pyxel Edit.

This course:
- Contains 15 video lessons that you can do at your own pace.
- Lasts a total of 2h 18m.
- Includes Spanish/English/Portuguese subtitles.
- Explains concepts like: dithering, pixel perfect, anti-aliasing...
- And much more!

Hope you like it! :blush: 
If you need further info aboiut this online course, don't hesitate to ask.

PS. This course is 50% off during this week.


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