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Just a few small suggestions which I know I would find useful:

- The exit prompt for unsaved work would be a lot more helpful if it were like standard windows applications. Perhaps something like having the options: "Save", "Discard and exit", "Cancel". Whatever you decide, using "Yes" to indicate that work is going to be discarded is a terrible choice - I just lost 1 hour of work because I needed to exit in a hurry, didn't read the message properly, and clicked "yes" thinking it would prompt me to save.

- The Tiles window is almost unusable from a practical point of view. Its difficult to find the right tile to use, and removing unused tiles means you need to reshuffle the entire set of tiles to get them back into a usable state. Theres no way to insert tiles at a point in the sequence, so if you remove an unused tile in the middle, all your remaining tiles are out of order and cannot be fixed without rearranging every single tile. In reality, this is so bad that I have just abandoned the tile window (which I actually think is a great idea and would love to use if implemented a little better) in favour of just building up my tile set as the first half of the image.

Apart from that, let me say... I love this application! It was well worth what I paid for it, and I will recommend it strongly to anyone I ever talk to about pixel art.



  • DanikDanik Posts: 850
    Hi Dongle,

    Sorry about the close confirmation! It's definitely a bit dangerous if you are in a hurry, I will improve it for the next release.

    I agree with you that the tiles panel could be a lot better, perhaps more like the palette. I have been meaning to make a general "table view" component that I could use for both, but haven't had the time. To be honest, I also usually build my tileset as a part of the canvas when I use the program with more than a dozen or so tiles.

    Thanks for the feedback!
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