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DanieleDaniele Posts: 12
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Hello Daniel,

I wanted to let you know that, since yesterday, I noticed that the forum doesn't work well with Chrome (updated to the last version, 35.0.1916.114 m - Win 7). Creating a new discussion happens without issues, but if you try to post a comment, the comment window appears already open, and when you try to insert an image everything goes crazy, your text gets duplicated, and the image can't be inserted. Not a problem for me (and probably it's a Chrome bug), since I just switch to Firefox to reply, but I thought I'd let you know :)


  • DanikDanik Posts: 850
    Strange! This forum has some issues so maybe it's time to switch to a new one soon (phpBB maybe?).
  • DanieleDaniele Posts: 12
    Oh I like this forum very much. Probably everything (or at least this issue) will be solved by a future Chrome update: definitely seems like a browser bug.
  • SimonSimon Posts: 58
    @Danik: I did not have any issues anymore since I wrote you about that. I like the software you currently using verymuch. Simple and easy to use :)
    Btw: The issue seems not to bi the case with Chrome on OSX atm atleast. (I'm on chrome OSX here)
  • DanikDanik Posts: 850
    It has happened to me a few times when replying that the input box gets duplicated the first time I click post, then it works the second time. I guess it has a few kinks, but I'll keep it for now. :)
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