Selection pixel snap #2 AND/OR snap to tiles

InCreatorInCreator Posts: 12
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I requested this earlier:

And I still request it. It is absolutely abysmal to work with 16+ frame animations if you cannot select multiple frames without fear of being a pixel off (to rearrange and move around and such). And like Murphy's law, crappy selecting PyxelEdit tries to be that pixel off whenever possible.

And even this won't help if you're trying to select a long row of say, 20 frames. You zoom out and try to select from tile corners (otherwise it'd be hell to place them later, you don't know where frame corners are), but zoomed out, you can hardly see them and it always, always goes wrong.

So, how about, whenever selection tool is selected, a "snap to tiles" checkbox appears? So when you make a selection, you're selecting tile by tile (or frame by frame, definition is somewhat hazy in Pyxeledit). Right now only way to do this precisely is to hold down shift and double click each tile. It works, but it's quite user-unfriendly.


  • I need this also. It's annoying to zoom all the time to select a perfect tile. What my fellow buddy InCreator asks is absolutely necessary. It would be nice to have this feature. Maybe with a key press instead of a checkbox, or whatever method you would like, but please, develop this feature for this amazing program.
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