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(I'm really sorry for my bad english, it's not my mother tongue).

Hi, first I would like to say thank you, your software are really amazing.

My question is about "frame delay".   I just don't understand how it work. In the past I allways did my pixel art animation on photoshop and I chose the delay between the next frame in second (0,1s, 0,2s, 0,5s, etc.).  In pixel edit I don't understand  "%"  what is that mean ?
And this is really strange, because when I import one gif I have made (in the past, on photoshop, with different frame delay) PixelEdit show 100% on every frames....but my gif is the same.  I Tried to modify this "100"  to "90" ..... nothing append.

Thank you for your help :)


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    Hi Karl,
    The way the frame delay works is that you set a base frame delay for the animation (in it's settings), and then choose a percentage multiple for each frame. That way you can speed up the whole animation by changing the base delay.
    Per frame delays are not fully supported for GIFs yet, but it's coming!
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