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Hey Daniel :)

First of all, Pyxel Edit is already wonderful as it is, and I'm always a big fan, so these features I'm suggesting are all to be considered bonuses. That said, since it's stuff I'd love to see happening, here is a list.
  • Keyboard shortcuts don't work when you change the focus. For example, if I select a layer, then move the mouse over a picture without doing anything, and press D to select the Pen, nothing will happen. Would be cool if shortcuts were always active
  • I see that mirror drawing has already been suggested, and I would like to vote for that
  • Shift + Drag to drag selected objects (or Offset them) while locking the direction to 45 degrees change (like in Illustrator or Photoshop)
  • Save panel could still be improved
  • The "draw straight lines" feature is super useful, but it would be cool if there was a way to "adapt" it based on the Pen size, for example by pressing Shift + Ctrl + Draw straight line. See the image attached for an explanation. I would personally love this, since at least with the way I make pixelart, this would be incredibly useful
P.S. here is a screenshot of the new Goscurry credits, just as an homage (bottom right). It's not yet released, since there's stuff I want to test more before doing that, but as soon as it's out I will post again :)



  • DanikDanik Posts: 788
    Hey Daniele!
    Thanks for the suggestions.
    That big pixel line idea is pretty cool, I haven't seen that in any other application.
    Fixing the shortcuts is high priority of course, it should hopefully be fixed along with some of the other stuff in the next big release.
    Just have to finish my thesis work first. :)

    And thanks for the credit! :D
  • DanieleDaniele Posts: 12
    Oh a thesis! Sounds so scary, but also fun! Good luck with it :)

    By the way, about the big pixel line, if you should choose to tackle it, a great addition would be to actually have a tool that allows you to draw (even non-straight-lines) in big pixels as if the whole canvas was made of bigger pixels. So that even when you draw regularly everything will look like a scaled up pixelart.

    Cheers :)
  • DanikDanik Posts: 788
    Yes, this is probably the right (and easiest) way to do it, a toggle setting that makes the brush snap to a grid the size of the brush.

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