How do I move the pixels I've selected?

tieTYTtieTYT Posts: 16
edited May 2014 in Questions
After I select something with the selection tool, how do I move those pixels? The only way I can figure out how to do this is to copy the selection, delete the selection, paste the selection and then dragging will move the selection. This is pretty clunky. I think the default should be to move the selected pixels, not the selection box.


  • SimonSimon Posts: 58
    Press and hold cmd on OSX or ctrl on Windows and then drag it where you want. Took me a while to find that too ;)
  • DanikDanik Posts: 884
    Yeah, I might try to figure out a good modifier key layout to allow just clicking and dragging to move pixels. Right now this was needed to get all the functions in there and working nicely (add/subtract/copy etc.).
  • Thanks Simon!  This is a game changer lol...
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