Tiles replace.

Hi, I need some help,

I have 10 tiles (for example summer set) at tiles panel, and I have a game level built with those tiles. I have another 10 tiles with different visual design (for example snow set), I import those 10 new tiles to project and I want replace summer set with snow set. How can I do this without rebuild all game level with new snow tiles? It there possible replace summer tiles in tiles panel or link connections to new snow tiles?


  • HaploHaplo Posts: 15
    That will be a very useful feature, hope that be included in a future version :)  
  • In tiles panel there is two actions when drag and drop tiles around other cell in tiles panel.
    1. Drag and Drop - swap tiles.
    2. Drag and Drop with pressed Shift button - Insert Tile.
    I suggest another action:
    3. Drag and Drop with pressed Ctrl button - Merge down dragged tile at tile when mouse release. It replace graphics of tile with new one, preserved all links with tiles in level. It would be useful tool for quick replace tile design for whole level.

    My be heaven bless this post for creator of this awesome program can read this post... May be he would be merciful and implement this humble suggestion in future version... God bless mighty Danik!!! Long live Pyxel!

  • I am happy that, peoples are now a days thinking too much about home decorations, and thus they are seeking advices on changing tiles, and its new designing ideas. Many of the renowned websites like Zothex flooring ( https://zothexflooring.com ), is nowadays updating their website with the new Flooring ideas, say, carpeting, tiles, Vinyl flooring etc.. You can even drag the tiles, and swap it with the new designs that are available in the design palette.
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