Document Size and Grid Settings

I feel that the document size and grid settings are disjointed.  There's currently separate locations to set grid and document size, etc.

I feel that both settings should be on the same settings dialog and that number of tiles and pixels should be given prominence over the full document size since tiles X grid pixels equals the pixel height and width of the document.   In addition, tiling and could be set to on or off to ignore any tiles based logic.  And, as always, displaying the grid could be turned on and off.   But, for the life of me, if tiling is on, I don't know why anyone would turn off the grid display.

But, at the very least, I think it would simplify options if doc dimensions, grid size, grid on/off, and grid height and width be in the same document setting dialog.

On a positive note, I actually love the simplicity of the interface and appreciate your efforts!!!  Thanks!
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