Tiles empty for long animations?

so i was making a kinda long animation. Like more than 100 frames. Had to take a break and re-opened it to go on later, then i just noticed i can not copy anything to the new tiles - at like, half of the animation the copied picture just disappears, leaving an empty tile to copy. It doesn't seem to be a specific point because its fading right in the middle of another tile.
Closed it and re-opened, issue's still there.
I was wondering if anyone else experienced this? And if so, did you find out how to fix it?


  • O87O87 Posts: 3
    Hey, are your 100 frames all in one row? What size are the tiles?
    It sounds like what happens when you exceed the document width, I've had this happen to me too over 
    the last year.
    Possible fix, depending on the above, may be to arrange your canvas to be, for example, 20 x 5, rather than 100 x 1.
  • The canvas is about 8x27, tiles are 400x400 pixels. So yeah, guess you're right, is there any way to see when it exceeds the document width?
    I am going to try out rearranging tiles more like a square now. Should have done that in the first place but... well, didn't plan on adding so many tiles.
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