Image sizing?

So Ive started using Pyxel art just a while ago so im pretty much a beginner at it soo far but my question is what is good sizing for image width and height to use when making a canvas? The pixel that im working on is almost finished but I want to import it into GIMP to edit by adding text but when I opened it in GIMP it was tiny and had to zoom in 1000% to have it show big.
This is as the heart at the bottom but I want it to show as big as this almost.


  • DanikDanik Posts: 870
    It depends on where you want to use the art when it's done, and at what scale, so it's hard to say. If want different sprites/images to fit together I recommend checking their relative scale by having them in the same document as reference.
  • AnitabarnettAnitabarnett Posts: 3
    hello Danik, can you please give me a detailed guide?
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