Spritesheet with different frame size ?

Hi everyone !
I've been wondering how you guy approach a problem I have. I am new to pixel edit and only used paint to draw pixel art before so I'm sorry if this question is a dumb one :smiley: 
Suppose you make a sprite sheet. Suppose you have a character who's thin and tall and carry a sword. Almost all of his animation frames should fit in a thin and tall rectangle. So you select a "tile" size of say, 24*32 for you document. But on the frames when he is swinging his sword around, suddenly you need much more space to draw the arms and sword when he swing it in front or behind him, or upward….
 But its a little silly to make all the other frames (those for the walking, standing, jumping…) giant size, most of it being background color, just to be able to draw the sword swinging frames (for the sword swinging animation).

How do you guys deal with this kind of problem ?


  • HaragHarag Posts: 3
    Just looking at buying this and found this question interesting, from the tutorial videos I've seen so far all the tiles on the canvas are the same size, so very interested in know the answer to this.

    When doing animation and using the same canvas to hold several animations for a character, Idle, walk, run, jump etc. ideally they would be on the same sheet, but would be different sizes. Idle might be tall and thin, where running, attacking might be more square in size per frame.

    Knowing that the tiles can be different sizes per animation at least would be useful and would help save resource in the application.
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