FAQ: I lost my page! How can I download and activate Pyxel Edit again?

DanikDanik Posts: 899
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Use http://pyxeledit.com/get/resend.php or https://www.humblebundle.com/resender to resend your links.

If you purchased though Humble
, use the following page to resend the Humble order email.

The email should lead you to your Humble order page. Click the link on that page to access your license.

The link will let you claim your license page on pyxeledit.com where you can find your activation key and download the application. If you have claimed the page previously, you will be taken there directly.

If you purchased any other way, or if you have claimed your license before, you can resend your license link to pyxeledit.com from http://pyxeledit.com/get/resend.php

If all else fails, send an email to support@pyxeledit.com with alternative email addresses you might have used, your name, the transaction id (preferably one that starts with an X), or any other info that might help find the license.


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