Multicolored Pen Feature

ixbayixbay Posts: 15
edited April 2018 in Feature requests
A feature on the current pen, or an extra pen which pretty much allows you to draw using multiple colors at once. (Ofc the code will basically randomly choose a color from the selected ones to use after every pixel drawn) ex: colors selected: blue(B) - red(R), Pen will go like. B-R-B-B-B-R-B-R-R... and so on. :tongue:

  • Helps to fill surfaces with selected colors working together on random by their own instead of user needing to try make the surface look "by code" randomly colored.
  • Time saver
  • something I probably missed
  • Has yet to be coded :neutral: 
  • something I definitely missed
Have a marvelous day!
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