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I won't give too many details, but I will tell everyone what I have thus far. I would really love it if I could get some constructive criticism. I never drawn much in my life, but hey, it is a first time for everything.

[First picture] 

My third attempt at this scene and by then I was getting tired and frustrated. The big brown spot was originally was suppose to be something, but sadly I have forgotten when I had ready to try again. Thus, I moved on and tried to finish the three other sections beside this.


I honestly have a love hate relationship with this picture. The whole image just screams that I really need more practice. Just look at what was supposed to be 'depth' in this photo. 


The only thing I hate here is the sand and the bridge which is basically 2 out of 4 things in the picture.  

The rest are gifs I have made with pyxel of some of the monsters. 

(( Forgive my english... ))



  • I am currently redrawing section one and it will be posted soon :D Trying something a little different.
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    Update for image one..... Eh..... The six hours of work isnt really shining through..

  • Six hours!! wow i would not have the patience for that kind of time into one piece :3
  • Work in progress. Resized the lake and trying to make the grid disappear so that it look like the sections are all together. Would love some ideas for that blank spot in the map. Ill post this when it is completely finish. Still looking for advice about sand :( My friend thought it was a cornfield.....

  • Are the darker parts supposed to be the shadow of the sand? If so you have them facing the wrong way when compared to the house... 
    Also it would be helpful if the pictures you posted were larger so that we can see it better.
  • Hmm... I think I just need to redo this all over again... So far I been going with 32*32 pixels but I think I am going to do it 64 by 64 then to double the size plus I hate the way the sand look for a redo will nice :) Ill come but in hopefully a few days.

  • I am aiming for this look
  • Ok but don't delete the old one, its always good to keep all your stuff even if its bad so you can go back and look at it and remember what doesn't work.
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    oh in that case also go with a lighter shade than the one you used originally and make the shaded parts connect a little more

    Edit: Also see how the sand isn't completely flat on the bottom part? Try to emulate that. I'll try and make a little mock up in a few hours after I get home if you haven't fixed it already.
  • Okay I am waiting for your mockup then.

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    Here is a quick little mock-up obviously not complete- not super happy with it but meh,
    and here's the image I used as a reference

    Edit: Look at simon's art post, in one of his videos he has some sand that looks really good
  • Ill try doing a mockup of my own and send them here in a few. 

    I seen simon art post and it was amazing! :D
  • Ok sounds good and yeah Simon is pretty awesome 
  • Well, that took a better part of an hour and I was rushing :/ See I tried to make it look wavy but instead it looks like little hills. Loved the color palette that I used through...
  • I think it is definitely a great improvement. Maybe space them out a little bit more and lengthen the the waviness? 
  • Okay then Ill have a mockup again later. Ill have a mockup on the image you was doing. :) Ill take my time on this one.

  • image

  • I liked the other one better, just stretch the dunes out more I think and blend the color from the shade to the regular sand a little better.
  • My work in progress with redoing a section.

  • Mostly just a repeating tile but like I said it is a work in progress. 
  • Oh yeah that looks a lot better! Good job :)
  • Should I continue to do this kind of mountains or revert to the old type of mountains?
  • I think that the new style matches better but it looks a little weird with the shading when get closer to it. But just from the post resolution it looks fine. It'll probably look better with more mountains around it.
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    Okay, did something with the shading. Not sure if that is the problem. Should I continue the shading effect?
  • Yeah I like that. They look like big sand dunes, don't know if thats what you're going for but I like it.
  • It seems that the forum wont allow me to post anymore pictures o.o

  • why?? have you told danik?
  • I dont know, it will just say uploading and last time I tried it was 'uploading' for over an hour. 
  • Well you can always just post the link to the picture instead of embedding the picture
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    You should be able to upload more pictures, the forum can be a bit slow sometimes though.
    If it doesn't work you could also upload to for example imgur and link the image from there.
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