Editor plays frames 1/100th second too slow

SvenTSvenT Posts: 9
edited March 2018 in Bug reports

I have experienced problems where exported gifs plays faster than the in-editor playback window. I have done some test and i'm pretty sure the in-editor playback window plays the animations 1/100th second (10% Frame time multiplier) too slow. 

To recreate this problems:
  1. Select an animation in Pyxel Edit and set its speed to for example 100%
  2. Export the animation as a gif file
  3. Open the gif and compare it to the in-editor playback window. The gif is being played slithly faster.
  4. In Pyxel edit lower the Frame time multiplier of the animation by 10% (100% -> 90%). The gif and the playback window is now playing at exactly the same speed.
I appreciate the work that is being done to make Pyxel Edit better, keep it up! :)
- Sven
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