Export to vector file (Illustrator/Inkscape/PDF)

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21-year game dev veteran here, just started using Pyxel Edit and I'm loving it!

This program is great for quick design and iteration on pixel art and tilesets. It allows super fast sprite design and has a lot of great tools.

I'm currently using it for quick character and background design - but my current project is for print output, not screen display.

The one thing I really wish Pyxel Edit could do is export a vector file. Simple in theory, as pixels are just a grid of perfect squares; there are no bezier curves or other complex forms.  I need the precision and scalability of vectorized tiles for printing at high resolution, and Pyxel Edit has no suitable output for this. I'd think it should be easy to replace every square pixel with a square vector object and wrap the whole thing up in a PDF output or whatever.

My workflow at the moment is:

   1) Create art in Pyxel Edit (which is fast and easy)
   2) Import the resulting bitmap into Adobe Illustrator and painstakingly scale it to the right size
   3) Recreate the entire image by painstakingly snapping vector squares over the image (which is not fast and easy!)

Outputting a direct vector file from PyxelEdit would be fantastic. Even exporting the entire image as a big gnarly vector grid would be great (and there's probably no need to support tilesets with this export function, just the entire image output). Bonus points for the following refinements:

   * Combine contiguous color pixels into one shape (ie, remove the internal grid from large areas of color and export the outer boundary as a shape).

   * On the save dialogue, include a field to set the export scale (ie, "x pixels per inch/centimeter/etc") and have that embedded in the vector file so that the image loads into the vector program at the correct scale).

Great program! Very easy and powerful tool to use so far.
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