Text Tool

I saw this requested a few times, even as far back as 2014, but never with a lot of justification as to why it is needed, so I thought I'd throw my needs on that front.

I'm  working on a Roguelike in which I have ASCII presently rendering the individual characteristics of the walls, actors, etc. I want to move towards sprite support and want to move to a better rendering engine than manipulating a Canvas in HTML, but most of the frameworks out there are not optimized for rendering a large quantity of text and are understandably very good at bitmaps and sprite sheets.

There are tools out there to generate fonted images, but they tend to size down just to the character and not support monospaced fonts with consistent tile sizes, which would not allow for easy swapping between tiles and ASCII later on.

Just  a simple text tool would let me take a character into pixel format and start to manipulate it in the product and would serve a use for others trying to do customized font sprite sheets.
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