Save and load Pyxel data inside PNG

I'd like to have a feature where instead of using the standard Pyxel format and exporting to png, all the data is stored in one png file.

When saving, Pyxel would make a png image of the sheet and store inside that png file a special Pyxel chunk with the Pyxel specific data like layers etc.

  • Only have 1 file to manage in source control
  • Easily imported and handled by asset pipelines, looks like a normal png.
  • The Unity engine strips out extra data as it converts to it's own texture format for builds, doesn't take up extra space in your game.
  • Editing the image with another program may not respect the Pyxel chunk and throw it out. Even if it did work, those changes would be stomped when reopened in Pyxel.
  • Larger filesize as the image data is doubled.
  • Other engines asset pipelines may load from pngs directly, wouldn't strip out Pyxel chunks and would take up more space than needed.
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