There are multiple preset palettes on pixel edit which is great, but it seems it is lacking a lot palettes  such as SoftMilk32, Sweetie16, and Mail24. We need a feature where people can submit palettes that could make it into Pyxel Edit and can be approved and added to the preset list. It would also be nice if you could save your own personal palettes to access from and set them as the default, rather than having to switch out Arne16 every time.


  • +1 for the save & load palette function !
    We could share the palette with everyone.

  • Putting in another +1 for being able to save palettes! Would be fantastic to have a dedicated sub-menu with User Presets that can be saved for easy access. Perhaps also a setting that lets you choose a default palette that every new document starts with?
  • +1! It'd also be cool if we could load palettes from the palette window where it'd give a preview of the palette.
  • +1!
  • +1 Would be good to support Adobe Color like .ACO. Marmoset Hexels Support that
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