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I bought Pyxel edit through paypal and I never received an email.  How do I get access to the software.


  • Hi FoamyDog

    Try the following
    I didn't get an email with a link when I bought Pyxel Edit, what should I do?
    Note: During the Humble Bundle the load has been very high, so you might not get the confirmation email. Rest assured that you can always get to the license page from your Humble download page, and use the resender to get the license mail later on.
    You should have received two emails from Humble, one confirmation and one with a link to your download page on Humble. If you are using Gmail, please check the "Promotions" tab if you have it activated, as the mail tends to end up there. 
    You can use this page to try sending the email again: https://www.humblebundle.com/resender
    If the resender above doesn't work you might have entered the address incorrectly, please send an email to support@pyxeledit.com for assistance.

    I lost the link to my download page, how can I get it back?
    Use this page to resend your Humble order mail: https://www.humblebundle.com/resender
    If you bought Pyxel Edit previously using only PayPal you can use this page to request it again: http://pyxeledit.com/get/resend.php
    If none of the options above work please send an email to support@pyxeledit.com.
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