Isometric tiles

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I was wondering if there is any ways to create isometric tiles ? If not, I suggest it as a new feature soon ! It could be a great thing. And exclusive to PyxelEdit :D (I never heard about a software which could do this sort of thing...)

Anyway, even if I stil can't usee the Air version and must use the portable version, it's realy great program! Hope new feature will come soon !

Ps:good luck for your thesis ;)


  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Hi WegPast,
    Thanks. :) People have asked about this feature before, it would be cool but the program is not designed with it in mind and so would need some big changes. I won't say it's out of the question but it's not planned anytime soon unfortunately.
  • Know1Know1 Posts: 1
    Let me also add my voice to this isometric feature request. That would be number 1 on my wishlist for PyxelEdit.
  • +1.  Isometric is top of my wishlist for pyxeledit as well.
  • +1, isometric.  I think the tiles on the right can stay as they are but it's more how they're played out on main window.  I guess it gets more complicated when you have to think about height as well as x and y (or more like z).  I don't see it as being impossible but drawing might be a little tricky if a tile is in the background.  

  • If you want to design your isometric tiles as regular rectangles and just render them skewed, you don't really need any specific support from Pyxel for that. Sure you can't create mock-ups and the previews will be off by 45 degrees, but you can use all of the unique features of Pyxel.
  • nezversnezvers Posts: 5
    Well, it would be "Game changer" if it could do isometric tiles, but more bricks would be shat if along it came Cavalier Oblique (Fallout 1&2).
    If I'm grasping idea right it would require like 2 tile sets (floor & walls). IMO Isometric system for floor shouldn't be super hard to implement, starting from toggle on NEW PROJECT creation to calculation of masking off actual "tile" leftover and "tile" placement on a project & tileset.
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