Loop Handles to export "ALL" animations

Hi there,

One thing that I wished I could use Pyxel Edit for, is for promotional gif animations for the web. For that, I wished I could make quite long animations, implying that many animations on the canvas would have to loop a certain amount of time. I believe in one of the biggest and most expensive, subscription based competitor app, they call this "loop handles".

Here is an example of what I mean; my character is idle, then runs, then idle, then jumps, lands, gets back up. In that case, Idle repeats many times and is called back twice, and also maybe it would loop a different amount of times every time (3 times the first time, 6 times the 2nd time).

Pyxel Edit already has a neat feature to be able to export ALL animations in the animation directory. But if you would like to "script " that export a bit, to either convey a story, promotional message etc, meaning that I wished I could tell how many times I want this animation to loop in the sequence. Also some sort of sequence editing, to not to call it a timeline would make it above excellent.

The only workaround I found until now to create longer animations like mentioned above, is to repeat tiles on the canvas to make animations loop a certain amount of time. Of course, this works only to a certain extent as the canvas can only be so big until it creates stability issues, meaning that animation time becomes a somewhat unknown limit that you have to trial and error to find out almost every time.

My first suggestion would be to add a column to the right of each animation in the exporter, where you can control how many times an animation loops in the export when you select "ALL".

the 2nd suggestion would be to have a timeline mode where you can call all the created animations at any time and it build a long gif. I understand this might be tremendous amount of work and might already have been suggested.

Right now I have thousand of hours in Pyxel edit and it is the fastest and most intuitive/user friendly tool I know of for pixel art animation, but I sadly have to use competitor software to be able to do long pixel art animations, and my only wish is to see Pyxel edit to become the better pixel art tool that can use its amazingly simple ways to deal with pixel art, but on all scale levels, so I hope that you understand that is it more a "long time loving" user input than an urgent or salty request.


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