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Hi, is it possible to get a refund? Unfortunately, Pyxel Edit is unusable on my 4K screen (using wine in linux) :(



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    Hi vdrg

    Contact, then Danik may be able to help you.

    Is it not working at all under wine or is it because of the resolution?
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    It works but everything is tiny, and you can't change the resolution just for wine :/
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    Have you tried using winecfg? in the graphics tab you can set it to emulate a resolution of whatever you want.
  • I am running Windows and a 4K display and I don't have issues. It could be an issue with the VM. 
  • Change the DPI in wine, it should be good then :)
  • Unfortuntely, setting the DPI in wine doesn't help. The DPI setting in winecfg only affects the font size that is used by standard elements such as the menu. It doesn't apply any other scaling.

    Furthermore, PE itself is not DPI aware, either, based on its application manifest¹. This means that PE always renders itself assuming a standard 96 DPI. Modern versions of Windows will take the output of DPI-unaware programs and scale it up or down. This is especially evident when using a very high scale factor such as 5, where the output will appear noticeably blurry.

    Wine, unfortunately, does no such thing, nor will it in the future. Wine developers are of the opinion that such scaling is the responsibility of the display manager. Xorg doesn't support scaling a single window, and Wayland is nowhere near usable at this point - and AFAIK doesn't support window scaling yet, anyway. There are tricks involving nested X servers (for example Xephyr + VNC or – none of these solutions are all that satisfactory though, as performance tends to be lacking.

    I'm not quite sure what the situation with regard to DPI awareness and Adobe AIR is. The AIR manifest has a requestedDisplayResolution element, but this seems designed mostly around macOS and getting access to all pixels. It is supposed to be supported on Windows, too, but even then it doesn't seem to manage scaling in any way.

    The tl;dr here is that PE doesn't actually scale, that Windows does it for it, that wine users are out of luck and that Adobe AIR probably doesn't care.

    I do wish I had known this before I bought PE, especially because I'd still like to use it.

    ¹: Windows 10 does allow activating DPI awareness after the program has started by calling one of two functions: SetProcessDpiAwareness and SetProcessDPIAware. However, based on two tests, I confirmed that PE truly isn't DPI aware. The first test is the "does it look blurry when scaled" test. If PE were drawing itself at a higher resolution, it would look sharp. The second test was to modify PE's application manifest, declaring support for various methods of DPI awareness. When this was being done, PE would look as unscaled and "tiny" as it does on wine, or old versions of Windows.

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