When will we see the next big update?

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Hey, I've been using PyxelEdit for the past few months now and I've really enjoyed the layout and tile features, but I find it's lacking in comparison to some other programs like Graphics Gale and Piq,

I am assuming you're working hard on the next release but I was just wondering if you could compile a feature announcement for the sake of updating us. I truly believe this program is going to turn out great, however I enjoy seeing updates on what's going on in the background.

Thanks a lot.


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    Hi there,
    Right now work is on hold for a while since I'm very busy doing thesis work at a company this spring. I only have time for fixing serious bugs and issues. I will resume work as soon as I have more time on my hands.
    I'm well aware some basic features like shape drawing tools etc. are missing, and I intend to add these (as well as more advanced features) when I can resume working on it. If I'm making a guess I would say the next release would be sometime in July.
  • SurgeMedicSurgeMedic Posts: 13
    Fair enough, sorry for the late reply but I just started a new project and realized I asked a question and didn't check for an answer.

    Thanks for the update.
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