Keyboard shortcut for next, previous tile with tile placer tool

It would be great if I could navigate the tile selection window with some keyboard shortcuts. 

Ideally I'd have a four way button system to navigate on the x,y axes. Perhaps the numeric keypad would work for this. This would make it much faster to lay down a set of tiles using one hand on the mouse and the other on the keyboard.

The simplest version of this could be to just have two letters next to each other like j,k that would go next tile, previous tile. 

Anything would help to make it faster to place out a set of tiles. It seems like it could be an easy to implement, useful workaround for these kinds of problems too:


  • DanikDanik Posts: 800
    Shift+PgDown/Up moves to the next or previous tile. It's two handed though, so it can't easily be used with one hand on the mouse.
  • Ah nice, thanks for pointing that out.
    That's not terrible, but it would be better if it four direction navigation was possible with only a single keystroke for each.
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