Alternate way to Insert rather than swapping tiles when re-ordering tiles in the tiles pallette.


firstly i am loving Pyxel Edit, using it a whole lot at the moment, so thanks for putting together such a great tool.

i would love to see an option added to insert a tile when dragging it's position (rather than swapping it with an existing tile).
Perhaps holding down the alt key and dragging and dropping it could force this behavior. To clarify what i mean by inserting; Place the dragged tile in the new location and shift every tile after it one location down. My Tile sets have been getting pretty massive and can be somewhat frustrating to keep organized.

I would also like to see an easier way to make a tile out of an existing square on the canvas. As sometimes i forget to do this first when working and having to cut the contents, map a new empty tile and then paste, seems a little clunky.

A keyboard shortcut to delete a selected area (delete) and a keyboard fill selection with foreground color (cmd+delete) / or background color(opt-delete). I am a long time Photoshop user so having similar default keyboard shortcuts is much appreciated, though some additions like (add hold space bar to pan, and cmd +/- to zoom would be awesome!).


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