What am I missing out on by using the free version?

ATMunnATMunn Posts: 2
Exactly what the title says. This program looks really good, and I very well may buy it if I like it enough, but I want to know what things the full version has that the free one doesn't.


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
    Hi ATMunn

    The free version is very old and severely outdated compared to the newest release.
    Some of the things you'll be missing out on:
    * Animation
    * Tools: selection tool, ellipse and rect tool, animation frame range tool, animation frame manager tool, color replacer tool, magic wand, zoom to fit, zoom to maximize,
    * Color shading panel
    * A more intuitive interface.

  • ATMunnATMunn Posts: 2
    Ok. I'm not too concerned about animation. Not having a selection tool is kind of a bummer though.
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