Two minor requests: Size of selection in info, lock horiz/vert movement with shift

SouriSouri Posts: 13
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Apologies for all the requests, but I promise these two are really small and, I'm assuming, easy to implement. :)

Size of selection displayed in the info panel
It would be great if we can have the size of a selection displayed in the info panel. I used this a lot in Photoshop to quickly check the pixel size of things. So, there's width and height info specifically for the select tool, and it updates as you resize your selection too. Very useful, and I'm sure real easy to implement ;) !

Press shift to lock/move selection horizontally or vertically
This is another thing I used a lot in Photoshop and could really use in Pyxel. After I cut/copy and paste a selection down, I'd love to be able to lock in horizontal or vertical movement by keeping shift pressed. In Photoshop, after you paste and then keep your finger on shift, you can move your selection horizontally or vertically only. I find it useful for, as an example, I have a tree or character that is on ground and I want to paste it on the exact same horizontal level, with quickness and ease. Or if I need to copy a character into 5-10 frames to prepare for an animation. No need to zoom in after each paste to make sure it's aligned pixel perfectly on the same level every time!

Anyway, thanks for listening. :)


  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    No problems, keep them coming! I can't promise to implement everything but suggestions are always welcome. :)

    You can currently see the size of a selection in the tooltip while you're making it, although it says X and Y, which should probably be changed to W and H to be clearer.

    I'll see what I can do about constrained movements. Thanks!
  • SouriSouri Posts: 13
    Ohhhhh (slaps forehead), I can't believe I didn't notice that. That's actually a better way to show the selection size than in the info panel. Good stuff.
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