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Hello! I just purchased Pyxel Edit, and I am very excited! However, coming from PS, I really miss the ability to change any and all shortcuts to my liking (with the option to have two sets of keys to do the same function.)

The one area that I personally find this to be NECESSARY is with zooming. See, I use my wacom tablet to draw with my right hand, and the keyboard shortcuts with my left, and I cannot use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. What always worked well, and I really liked using was CTRL+Space (and moving my pen) to zoom in and out, but I dont want to use + and - because it is fairly inconvenient. 

In summary, if there are Advanced Options for shortcuts and other settings, I do not see them. I would like to edit shortcuts to my liking, and the zoom feature to be available to mimic PS settings.

I am new to this software (I may have missed some things), so any advice, help, and suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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    Hi May747

    It is possible to change the shortcuts to a certain extend, though something like zooming by drag + key is not possible. You can only change keyboard shortcuts. 

    Setting up custom shortcuts can be quite fiddly, but here's the basic of it:

    Find the PyxelEdit folder located here:

    Windows: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\PyxelEdit or similar.
    You can enter %appdata% as the path in windows explorer to find the Roaming folder quickly.
    Mac: /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/PyxelEdit or similar.

    Go to "local store"/settings and open keybindings.json.
    This is where you're going to set your custom shortcuts, you can find which actions you can bind in the readme.txt file as well as an example of what the structure of the keybindings file should look like.

    Say you for example want to bind the zoom in and zoom out to D and F, then your keybindings file would look like this:

        "action": "zoom_in_action",
        "keyString": "F"
        "action": "zoom_out_action",
        "keyString": "G"
      } ]

    if you want to hold down alt, ctrl or shift too for the action to execute, then you would add one of these:

    "shiftKey": true,

    "ctrlKey": true,

    "altKey": false

    All actions should be proceeded by a comma ( , ) unless they're the last in the list, otherwise pyxeledit might complain that it couldn't load your config file.

  • May747May747 Posts: 2
    Thank you for the quick response! (Within an hour no doubt!)
    I will be sure to look into the keybindings file; however, I think a GUI for adjusting such keybindings is a common and practical feature that would come in great use, especially if there were to be additional options for such things as CTRL+Drag. That being said, thanks again!
  • Sorry to necro here, but this seems fairly relevant to Photoshop users like me.
    Is it possible to add mouse clicks to the keybindings file?
    I was thinking of adding an event listener, but I don't know how much AS3 functionality you can add from the json file.

    The goal is to make the zoom in and out perform as it does in Photoshop (in my case, ctrl+space click and ctrl+space+alt click zoom in and out respectively.)

    Muscle memory is key to speeding up workflow and productivity, which is why I picked up Pyxel edit. Fantastic tool for tiles especially, but it's slowed down by relearning an interface (which, fortunately, can be mostly customized!)
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    @May747 Yes, a GUI is definitely much more practical for customizing the bindings. Editing a json file is very cumbersome and error prone.

    @Davemon Sorry, there is no way to bind mouse clicks though the json file at the moment I'm afraid.
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