Importing animations to a single tiled image

Hello, boards.

I've been working on a single tiled image (270x350), and I am trying to import an animation that is seven tiles (16x16) long. I've banged my head against it for a while, and I can't find a way to do it. Originally, I had tried to simply animate on the larger single tiled document, but I could not find a way to do this.


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    Hi jastujenski, It's not possible to import an animation (gif) to a single tile within PyxelEdit, you have to import it so it takes the tile space required, eg. if the animation is 5 frames, you would reserve 5 tiles for it.
  • Just the person I was expecting!

    I thought of this solution earlier today. What I'm going to attempt to do today is create a new tileset that's 270x350 pixels, and then, insert my original piece of art and subsequent animations on each tile. This should work, right?
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    Yes that sounds like the correct way to do it ;)

    Basically if your entire canvas is 270x350, then inserting a 5 frames animation, would require the canvas to be 1350x350 ( 5 * 270 wide )
  • This is exactly what worked! Thanks! I'll post in the artwork section, once it's complete.
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    Yes, I saw your work here. It is really cool!
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