Am I creating animated gifs way too complicated?

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Hello there,

I bought this great tool some time ago and every now and then I try something small. The following gif for example:

 I have no clue why it isn't moving here?! (


It's a street, a moving car, basic stuff. Pretty simpel. But in a tileset, this were 59 single frames, where I had to re-adjust the car by hand every time. So now I'm wondering if this is the common method or if there is a much simpler way my dumb brain just hasn't discovered yet.

I just thought about creating a fairly big Frogger-like gif with 10 or more moving cars on a highway... but my head exploded when I realized how much work this would be with my method.

Edit: Also, it isn't possible to put two tiles over each other so that the transparent parts show the actual layer undearneath it, right? Because I had to copy/paste the street on every single one of the 59 frames, thanks to the car tiles completely burrying them underneath.


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    The only tool that I know creates frames for you is Photoshop. You put your car on one end, make a new frame, put it on the other end, then interpolate with however many frames you want. But Pyxel can't do that so you're stuck with hand made animations

    Btw seems like uploading a gif here kills the animation. Use imgur instead

    Your tile question: yes, just make a new layer and put the new tiles on it. Idk what you're doing wrong there
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    What you are looking for is a technique called Tweening, it's a common feature found in Adobe Flash and similar animation software, where you have a object at a given position and want the computer to more it somewhere else in a linear (constant) motion. PyxelEdit doesn't have this feature though, so moving the car by hand is the correct way to do it. 

    You can simplify your animation though, 59 frames is a lot for something like that. Keep in mind though, If the animation is meant for a game and the car has to move that slow, programming the movement would be much more efficient.

    About the tile transparency, yes you can freely use layers in a tileset. For example, having ground in the bottom layer, the car on a second layer and skies or whatever on the third layer. The layers are not connected to the animation tiles.
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    Thanks for the answers. I'm not a programmer. Just someone who bought this great tool to create some pixel gifs for fun every now and then :) So I guess, I just stick to this method then.
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