Stamp Tile Patterns with the Tile Placer Tool

Feature Request: Allow the user to select multiple tiles from the "Tiles" window, and then stamp those tiles in the selected pattern onto the canvas.

Problem: When working with a singular and fixed tile size, some assets will likely exceed this size and must exist across multiple tiles. When trying to create/duplicate these objects on the canvas, they must be recreated piece by piece. A 3x3 tile bush ends up as 9 individually placed tiles. A 2x2 ground texture that is repeated ends up being 4x the amount of manually placed tiles to recreate the pattern accurately. This process becomes more time-consuming the larger the object.

Example User Process:

1) Select Tile Placer Tool
2) Select any number of tiles from the "Tiles" window, this becomes a "tile pattern" (the pattern's composition is based on the tiles position relative to one another in the window, a fixed width for the tiles window is required to determine relative position)
3) Drag the cursor over the canvas, and a preview of the selected tile pattern appears
4) On left click, the pattern is stamped to the current layer, replacing any tile assignments on the tiles affected.


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