Colour analysis feature

SouriSouri Posts: 13
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I'd like to put on record for this particular feature! GrafX2 has a really nice script which will run an analysis on your colour palette and give you the results like below (not the middle section, though). This was run on the C64 palette and gives a rather exhaustive list of the colour ramps and combinations you can make with the palette, and organises colour by brightness, hue etc. Not bad for just 16 colours, eh!


It does a pretty damn good job, but I'd actually like to see it go a little bit further. It doesn't give much examples for dithering combinations. Dithering combinations with those colours could be shown with a preset dithering pattern like this:


Anyway, it's just an idea. I can imagine Danik is swamped with feature requests and things to do, but I'd like to just put this one down for consideration down the line ;)


  • DanikDanik Posts: 899
    Yeah, that is pretty cool. :)
    It is probably a bit out of scope, but maybe someday. I could keep making things like this possible in mind if/when I add scripting support.
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