various question about tile management

piepie Posts: 1
Hi, I am just starting to use Pyxel, and I like it a lot. However there is something I'd like to ask:

1) Is it possible to move (copy) tiles between pyxel projects?
I can select tiles with the rectangular selection tool and copy/paste them from and to the "main window", but making the right selection every time is really time consuming: it would be cool if at least we could copy and paste a tile (or many) directly from the tile library into another project tile library.
Another alternative could be that selecting a tile with the right mouse button in the main window and then pressing CTRL+C would copy the tile to the clipboard (this would allow to avoid manual tile selection, which is prone to mistakes).

2) Is it possible to rearrange tiles in the tile library?

thank you very much :)


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 623
    Hi pie

    1) No, currently there's no way to move or copy tiles between pyxel proiects. You have to export your tiles to a png, then open your other document and import it. Alternatively if you don't care about layers, you could select all the tiles you want, then copy->copy merged

    2) Yes you can rearrange the tiles in the library or "Tiles" window as much as you like. You can however only select one at a time.
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