Is Pyxel Edit still actively adding / updating features?

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I have had a license for Pyxel Edit for a while but have not really starting using it as part of my standard workflow until recently. I am trying to import a tileset which has a small margin around the sprites and found that Pyxel Edit lacks the ability to specify a padding or margin around the sprites. After searching online it looks like this has been requested multiples times over the years in the feature request section of the forums. There are A LOT of basic feature requests that don't seem to even be getting a response let alone added into the program. 

Since I just started using Pyxel Edit (which is great BTW), I am not sure if the devs have said there is a freeze on development or will be no further development on Pyxel Edit etc. 

Can anyone comment on the development status?

Also, does anyone know of any applications that can help remove padding or that does allow the importing of tilesets with padding so I can edit the tileset properly? Preferably without photoshop.



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    Hi sockfuzz

    The development is still active, albeit rather slow. The last version 0.4.4 was released in April.

    You can see the latest changes here:
    Release 0.4.4
  • Well, atleast still in development  :)
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