Save as... doesn't seem to work (Mac)

tacoetacoe Posts: 17
edited August 2013 in Bug reports
Neither do 'export tilemap as xml/plain text'. 

To reproduce, use an existing file, then all of these options do pop up a dialog (all three suggest "Copy of <current name>.pyxel" as filename) but upon clicking OK none of them seem to actually do anything. 

OSX 10.8.4 / Air

(Related: where can someone see the PyxelEdit version/build number they're using?)


  • DanikDanik Posts: 844
    Thanks, I really need to test on Mac before release.
    You can see the version in the lower left of the splash screen when opening the program.

    Do any other Mac users have the same problem?
  • tacoetacoe Posts: 17
    Ah of course. PE 0.2.22c.

    I'll let you know if a newer version still has it, or if I can get more detail. 
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