Pyxel Edit work wont open in Construct 2 or Paint?

I've been doing some work on Construct 2 and have discovered that it wont pick up my exported Pyxel edit animations that are a .png file spirte sheet. Does anyone know a fix or work around for this?
I also tried to open up the same sprite sheet in paint and it wouldn't recognize the file either.

The only program that seems to be picking up the .png files is piskel but I really dont want to use that as It takes away some of the colour quality.


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
    Hi TheIronBrew

    That sounds odd, are you absolutely certain that you're exporting the sprite-sheet as a png? The output you get should be a standard png file. I've personally never had any problem opening any of my exports in other applications. Have you tried exporting as bmp, does it change anything?
  • Its a very strange bug. Yesturday nothing showed and then suddenly about 12am at night they all suddenly appeared. The way I fixed it was by exporting a frame .png instead of a sprite sheet. png. When I export the frame .png all of my images suddenly appear in the folder when browsing it in construct.
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