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Hello i have recently purchased pyxel edit and i think it a fantastic program, but i have a few questions in regards to animation and layers.

I was wondering is it possible to to have a layer with my animation on it, and a layer above that animation with say a fore ground object that appears in front of all the animation frames ? Because currently it seems like i have no control over this at the moment, with out copy pasting it on every frame, and even then it doesnt seem to copy the layer it copys everything and just over writes your work. Normally you have a time line in your animation area and i could drag a frame out to show up for so many frames for example in flash. 


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    Because of the way the animation system utilizes tiles, there's currently no way to always have something in the background nor foreground on all frames. You have to add them individually before or after your frames. 

    If you want to insert something as foreground or background, without overwriting your frame, you should not use the "animation frame manager tool". instead, select the layer where you have the foreground or background (assuming it's only one layer) then copy and paste it onto your other frames using the "tile placer tool".

    Here's a demonstration:

  • ah that helped a lot thanks that makes things much easier doh i feel stupid but thanks haha. 
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