Import tileset to existing document and repleace existing one


I have pyxel file with tileset and map created with this tileset.

I want to export tileset to external editor (eg photoshop), then do color correction and back replace my pyxel document tileset with corrected, how to do this?




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    Hi postpunkpl

    This is not possible. It's easy to export the tileset as a png, open photoshop and adjust it but there's no way to replace the old image with the new one with all the layer information in Pyxel Edit.
  • so sad news :( i think it would be fastest way to make color correction of tiles (Until we get color correction at Pyxel) 
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    I agree, I tend to do the same but only when I'm done with all the spriting, because then there's no need to re-import it. You can always do color correction later ;)

  • ha, explain it to my client when i have only 7 days to do all artwork to game :) (btw. color replacer tool will not replace the simplest color correction eg HSV sliders)
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    Hmm yes that's true. Alternatively you could export each layer in PE, then open Photoshop and place all the images, so you end up with the same layer structure. After adjustments, save the layers individually and import into PE again. It's more time consuming but it does what you want.

  • no exacly because i lost my map data at Pyxel (am i right?)
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    Yes but if you import each png to their respective layer, then you don't need the data because you're essentially rebuilding it.

    However! I've just come up with an interesting technique that's much faster. If you're color correcting everything and assuming you're using a palette, then you can do something like this:
    export the palette to an image of your current document, open the exported palette in photoshop, color adjust it, save and export it.

    Now open a new Pyxel document (we need a new document to swap color with)
    The size doesn't matter, so just press ok to whatever size you have. Import the color adjusted palette and save the document.
    Go back to your tileset document and choose Extras->Palette swap, locate the document you made with the adjusted palette, and press replace.

    If you've done it correct you should see a change like this.

    The bad thing about this technique though is that you can't see the changes before you've applied it.
  • nice hack but it will not works for most situations because i need to correct colors of a few tiles (not all tiles) and i need map data to continue map creation after color correction :/
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    Ah right, then the first thing I mentioned would probably be the best alternative I can come up with. 

    How many layers do you have?
  • now there is about 15 layers, so there is no way to make few tiles color correction outside Pyxel and apply this to Pyxel document without loosing map data?
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    There is a way but it's tedious. As I've mentioned above, you would have to export each layer data as separate pngs, then open them in photoshop (you could copy/paste the data directly from PE instead), adjust them, save them as separate images again, import them into pyxeledit and place them on their respective layer.
  • wow, this works! thx :)
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