New to Pyxel, Art, and Game Design - Here are my First two pieces

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Hello Pyxel Edit Community! 

I have been lurking this forum for about a week or so, and I figured I would introduce myself, show a couple of my pieces, and get acquainted with you lovely people.

I recently made the decision that I want to pursue my dream and vision of creating games, working around games, and providing anything I can to the medium. I would say that out of all the positions within a Game Development Studio, I was least familiar with Art (in general), so I decided I would tackle it. Fortunately I found out about Pyxel Edit through an insightful Reddit post about making 2D games using Unity. Anywho, I would love to get to know you all, pick up on great tips and discussions, and have fun on my journey!

Below is my first pixel art and attempt at animation:

My second attempt on Pyxel Edit is below. It was my forray into using and creating tiles, and I landed on
whatever it is I made below:

At the moment I am looking to work on my Pixel Art Concepts as well as my understanding of Unity, and go from there.

I should note, I am fortunate enough to have a very talented wife who is also creating great Pyxel art for the first time. If you ever want to see those works of beauty, let me know and I'll ask her to post them. 

I would love to hear any kind of input on the second piece as far as tips to make things more natural. tiles more believable, wtc.

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