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  • @heparyAsesprite is cool and can do a lot of things, but its interface is rather cumbersome and doesn't feel as easy to use as PE in my opinion. It has a certain learning curve, which i personally didn't encounter with PE.  Based on what is availabl…
  • @DietChugg have a point, it could help. But still, it's up to you!  In any way, all my classes are using it and they all REALLY love it! Believe me, I've tested every possible softwares. For gamejams, personal projects, my students projects, etc... …
  • @hepary, apology accepted. If I remember correctly you had problems with animating using multiple layers, and I can understand your frustration with the workflow in that case. It's ok when you use one layer, but with multiple layers it can be very p…
  • I want to apologize to @Danik and everyone offended by that unnecessary comment. I uninstalled the program on that day for the third time out of frustration. (No excuse, I know) Actually, I have long given up on finding a streamlined work process w…
  • Abandonware.
  • As far as i know you cannot select more than one layer, though you can make a selection around your character and edit->copy merged. You may want to co-work with photoshop, as PyxelEdit indeed still need some "essential" parts implement…
  • I have taken this from another thread Danik responded to:customizable shortcuts are planned. It's already possible to edit the application config file manually (pyxelconfig.json) to change them, but this is not that convenient and is undone when ins…