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  • Or make play-pause button with 3 state: 1. Play (triangle button). When animation is paused (loop on/ loop off). 2. Pause (two vertical lines). When animation in play. (loop on/ loop off). 3. Rewind (triangle with one vertical line). When animation …
  • "soonish" - can I translate as "in 2021"?
  • I know, but if color picker options "Use all layers" turn on and working with layers where no transparant areas it is unable to switch by "transparent pick" method. For example I have large background image that have on transpare…
  • also "solo" layer would be nice.
  • This is right for making copy, not instance. I have 50 tiles instance of base stone tile, and I want edit base tile (4 layers) and see changes at 50 tiles instances.
  • Also this work for layer opacity input value field.
    in Key "0" Comment by Neznaika April 2
  • But it is program for pixel edition, for pixel art. If you want make good pixelart you need do glow yourself. If you need high square glow - you don't need PyxelEdit for this, do it in Ps. There is many useful features for pixelart in to do list of …
  • I think it would be better create new ability for animation - create custom frame sequence. Not only for vertical or horizontal strip, but some sequence of frame from different places from character animation atlas. Tools for that things may be look…
  • Fixed by Windows reboot.
  • In tiles panel there is two actions when drag and drop tiles around other cell in tiles panel. 1. Drag and Drop - swap tiles. 2. Drag and Drop with pressed Shift button - Insert Tile. I suggest another action: 3. Drag and Drop with pressed Ctrl but…