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  • You should draw some old action movies or something. Do you have any stuff you can show off?
    in pixel movies Comment by Zeshio June 2016
  • For those looking for the answer, instead of going to the save option in the menu, you go to the export function (kinda like how Adobe Suite works)
  • Very awesome stuff people have posted! I've seen willpowered's stuff on YouTube, very cool process. Samaramon, your stuff is great! I've been working on a couple of things (I'm a relative pixel noob still), so here's my stuff! (Working on…
  • Playing with the layer stuff a bit more in my recent work, I agree with this. My main issue right now is being able to make a whole scene on different layers and then move the whole thing at once- I can't select multiple layers to move them together…
  • I have a galaxy note 5 and it would be pretty sweet to have something close to Pyxel Edit on mobile, maybe like a tile a screen, and I could use my pen, that's be pretty sweet. Upload to google drive and done!
  • I agree! I'm also a new user and am having a good time with the program in general. The tile system and UI in particular are nicer than Graphics Gale. However, I do wish for instant color changing- having the color wheel and input options as a windo…